Project Description

Florida Tech Center for Health Sciences

This $18 million, 61,000 sq. ft. Florida Tech Health Science Research Center is currently under construction.  The proposed building is a multi-disciplinary facility that will provide over 20,000 sq. ft. of classroom and lab spaces allowing students and researchers access to teaching laboratories that use augmented and virtual reality tools.  The lab facilities will include orthopedics, tissue studies and advanced computational simulations along with a state of the art teaching laboratory in human anatomy.  The transparency and communication of spaces is key and apparent in the building design.  A glass atrium in the center of the proposed building connects all 3 floors with a floating staircase and gathering spaces, clearly communicating the function of these spaces to the user and visitor.  Careful attention was given to the placement and relationship to the surrounding buildings though the use of similar building materials and proportions to the adjacent structures.  The Health Science Research Center is the final puzzle piece in Florida Tech’s Olin Quad.

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