Residential Design Process

Our residential design process tends to be more personal than the journey our commercial projects undergo. So many of our residential projects begin with clients sharing photos of things they like. Houses that have inspired them. Kitchens that inspire them to do their best cooking. Spaces with smooth pathways between rooms that make them feel at home.

We ask a steady stream of questions to discover everything about their dreams for their new home; from room size, to layout, to budget, to what the home looks like from the curbside.

We work hard to develop a trusting relationship with our clients. Creating a home for someone or designing a space that makes them feel at home is not a simple transaction. It requires collaboration that is human, connected, and engaged from both sides.

From that point, we are able to bring our considerable skills to bear turning those inspirations into reality. We navigate a series of steps cycling through design, client review, and revision, ultimately to finalize a design for a house that will undoubtedly become a home for them.

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